buffalo chicken dip

Whether its for game time or to host a casual crowd this dip is a-ma-zingly delicious and easy to make. Pair it with veggies, chips, pita bread or on mini-buns as sliders and you will have a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Serves: 15 or more guests


crock pot


large fry pan, non-stick if you have it


2 chickens: roasted and meat shredded

1 6 oz. bottle hot sauce

1 16 oz. bottle of good ranch dressing

3 cups gouda cheese, shredded

32 oz. cream cheese

salt & pepper to taste

For the buffalo chicken dip:

Roast two chickens and shred the meat. Set aside.

Turn the crock pot on high heat. Add cream cheese, gouda cheese and ranch dressing. (My friend who introduced me to this uses cheddar. You might try your favorite cheese.) Stir together and heat until all the ingredients are melted. Make sure to stir often so the ingredients do not stick to the crock pot. This will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

While the cheeses are melting put the shredded chicken in the fry pan over low heat. Shake the hot sauce over the chicken to coat evenly. Make sure all the chicken is coated and heat on low, stirring until the hot sauce is baked on the chicken.

After the cheese mixture has melted in the crock pot, add the chicken. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

Let everything heat together on low for one hour. Stir occasionally.

Move the temperature to “keep warm” on the crock pot.

Serve it up with a scooping spoon to your guests. It is most delicious with cut veggies, tortilla chips, pita chips or even on mini buns as sliders.

This dip is great as leftovers. I have even put it in a greased bread pan and baked it until bubbly and browned on top as a second-time-around cheese dip.


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  1. Mom says:

    This sounds delicious-I’m going to bring it to Growth Group


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