bread bowls

Hearty soup on a cool day only gets richer when served in a bowl of bread. This recipe makes enough to serve your family and invite your friends. Your soup will soak in to the bread bowl creating a scrumptious side. Pulling apart the soap-soaked walls at the end of the meal is the best….

potato soup

This hearty soup will warm you up on cooler days, is great for large groups and my kids love it in their lunches. It can be made-ahead and even frozen in smaller batches for quick and healthy meals. Serves: 8 guests. Tools: Stock pot or crock pot Cutting board chef’s knife Ingredients: 6-8 cups chicken…

chicken stock

Homemade chicken stock is most delicious as the base of soups and in any recipe that calls for chicken broth. It can even be switched out for water in rice or casseroles. ┬áIt is healthy and quite simple to make. And maybe the best part is your house will smell like Thanksgiving as it’s stewing….