thai stir fry

I spent a summer in Thailand and came away with a love for the people and their cuisine. I took a cooking class there and this dish has been a staple in my menu ever since. It is as beautiful in presentation as it is healthy.

Serves: 4-6 guests



chef’s knife

cutting board

wooden spatula


1 kilo chicken breasts (4 chicken breasts)

1 red onion, washed and diced large

3 cloves garlic, smashed

3 colored peppers, washed and chopped in bite sized pieces

1/4 kilo green beans, washed, ends snipped and snapped in half

10 mushrooms, washed and sliced

1 can baby corn, drained and rinsed. chopped into bite-sized pieces

3 carrots, washed, peeled and sliced on a diagonal

corn starch

sesame oil

For the sauce:

fish sauce

soy cause

oyster sauce

sweet chili sauce


For the stir fry:

Wash the chicken and pat dry. Cut into one inch cubes. Set aside in a bowl. Pour 1/2 TBSP fish sauce and 1 TBSP soy sauce over the raw chicken and mix to combine. Let marinate while you prep the veggies.

After washing all the vegetables, chop each in to similar bit-sized pieces, set aside.

After prepping the vegetables sprinkle corn starch lightly over the chicken and stir gently to make sure chicken is evenly coated.

Heat the oil in the wok over medium heat. Add the chicken. Shake fish sauce and soy sauce on the chicken a teaspoon at a time. You will layer the sauce in. Let the chicken set until one side is lightly golden brown. Use a flat spatula and flip. Let chicken set still again until light brown on the bottom side. Add onions and garlic. Shake in a little more fish sauce and soy sauce and a TBSP of oyster sauce. Stir with a wooden spatula.

Ok this next part is like a dance: Add the carrots. Stir together. Let fry for one minute. Add 1/2 TBSP sweet chili sauce to start. Add more to taste as you like. Add the green beans. Stir fry together. Add a 1/2 TBSP honey to start. Add more to taste as you like. Add the baby corn. Stir fry together. Add the mushrooms. Stir fry together. Add the peppers. Stir fry together. It is important to layer the vegetables in with the sauces to develop a depth of flavor in the dish.

Once all the ingredients are frying in the wok, add more fish sauce, soy sauce and oyster sauce to you liking. Thai cooking is all about the tasting. You will learn the levels you like and adapt the recipe to your taste buds. So keep stirring and keep tasting. Add more of the sauces, careful not to overdo the fish or soy sauces.

Fry until the vegetables are cooked but still firm. Serve over rice.

*Note: you can add or subtract vegetables to this same recipe. I have also made it adding pineapple curry and it was fresh and delicious.




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