autumn in a pot

I love the smell of Autumn; unfortunately living in a crowded city perks the senses to pollution above all else. So when I am expecting company or just missing my mid-western Fall, I compile these ingredients and let them simmer away on the stovetop filling our flat with the senses of changing seasons.

Serves: one pot


medium stainless stock pot


3 oranges, washed and quartered

handful cinnamon sticks

2-3 TBSP star anise

2 TBSP nutmeg, dried or fresh grated

3 -4 TBSP whole cloves

water to fill the pot

For the simmer:

Put all the ingredients in the pot and fill with water to cover. Simmer away over low heart allowing the smells to permeate your space. It’s just that simple.

When hosting guests I start this simmer a couple hours before they arrive to allow my flat to be filled with the lovely scents. When the water level gets low, add more covering the oranges. Stir every so often, making sure the ingredients don’t burn on the bottom of the pot. Happy hosting.


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