The vegetables in Cairo taste. Everything is farm fresh carted in daily from the Nile farms. So pico is a favorite in our house as a side, snack and topping.

Serves: 6-8 guests


cutting board

chef’s knife

large mixing bowl

spatula or extra large spoon


10 medium, plump and firm tomatoes – washed, seeded and finely diced

4 colored peppers – washed, seeded and finely diced (I use a variety for esthetics)

1 large onion – washed and finely chopped

1 chili pepper – seeded and finely chopped (if you like to add heat)

1 lemon or 2 limes – juiced

1 bunch fresh cilantro – washed and chopped

course salt

cracked black pepper

For the pico:

In your mixing bowl, combine all the vegetables. Stir gently to completely mix. Add cilantro and stir. Pour lemon/lime juice. Stir. Crack salt and pepper over the bowl. Stir. Grab a chip and give it a taste. Add salt and pepper if needed.

Store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator until serving time. Can be made ahead but it best the same day.


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